Never fully satisfied with the expectation of the human mind.
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you people should  learn about the goetic demons like for example:


this is prince stolas, he is a long legged owl demon who teaches knowledge about astronomy and herbs to anyone who conjures him

whats not cool about an owl demon

Happy Birthday Joshua

This is a more extended Happy Birthday that I hope you see. Ive known you almost two years now, and we have grown further and further away from each other as the time went on. We went from strangers who knew only each others names, to amazing compatible work partners, to friends who would talk every night under the stars and lights of Dominos, to best friends who would cry to each other about how much we would hate working there and hate school and hate the world, to lovers so passionate about each other we couldn’t have enough, to boyfriend and girlfriend who would spend every single day inseperable, to friends who became strangers all over again. I miss you so much, you were my best friend. And knew me better than anyone else. Im sorry you grew out of me and Im sorry i never had time to appreciate things. I wish i had another chance, even if i had a thousand. Youre still so close to my heart, and i still love you so much. I hope everything is working out for you. Im glad you seem happy and im glad you are finishing school. You said at one point in time that tomorrow would be our time to be together again. Unless you found someone else, and you did. And thats okay too. Because i wouldnt want you to be unhappy with me when someone else makes you happier.

So without any further interuptions or rants. Happy 18th Birthday Joshua.

Maybe someday, years from now, we will meet in a coffee shop in a far off city and have another go. But until then, i guess im going to continue to feel this feeling. Sad.