Never fully satisfied with the expectation of the human mind.
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My body is aching
Im not home anymore
This place is all uncertain
And my body is aching

My heart is throbbing
Thinking of the times before
Because now we have closed the door
And im crying on the floor
My heart is throbbing

My eyes hurt
From salty wet tears
And 2 a.m thoughts
Of painful goodbyes
And blowing up phones
And constant rage

My eyes hurt.

9:53 A.M

How does it feel
To want me back
How did we get so off track
This stuff that we lack
Is what i want back
All i can tell you is
Youre still all i have
And i dont want better
I dont want anyone else
Youre the only one
I dont care about my health
Physically or mentally
Because mentally im already insane
And you still
Take over my brain
Every hour if every day
So please come back
And ill come back too
And then i will know
That we can both pull through

I feel you on my fingertips
I taste you on my tongue 
But I have given up hope
That you’ll ever come along 
I miss the way your hands would shake 
Every time that we would touch
But I guess that it’s all over now
Left scattered with a hush
I still love you
And I’m trying to pull through
For you
But I don’t know what to do
Because all that I want is you

…that’s all I’ve ever wanted

By ANP - A Love Worth It